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Cyberspace Engineers

Engineering Cyberspace!




What is this Organisation?

'Cyberspace Engineers' is a non-profit organisation set up as a basis for a variety of efforts relating to the promotion and development of cyberspace (see articles of association).

What is a Cyberspace Engineer?

Anyone who is actively involved in designing and developing the technology that enables cyberspace is a ‘cyberspace engineer’.

What is Cyberspace?

While there are many definitions, the term Cyberspace is used here to mean a shared virtual environment, space or world within which, by means of one or more connected computing devices, a large population of its users are able to explore and interact with virtual objects, and with each other, via a variety of senses, particularly vision and motor skills. The ultimate realisation of cyberspace is a number of virtual worlds, unlimited in scale and capacity, able to convey behavioural and visual realism indistinguishable from reality.

Who should be browsing this site?

Cyberspace Engineers, companies and any other persons or entities interested in the development of cyberspace, especially the particular approach espoused here, should browse this site for items of interest.

About this Website

This website is a work in progress and some of its sections are placeholders for content that is expected to appear in the future.

This Website has been deliberately created in an unadventurous style. If you think a more adventurous style will bring about the development of cyberspace even sooner, then sign up and make a convincing case. ;-)

E-Mail Contact: Crosbie Fitch