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Cyberspace Engineers

Engineering Cyberspace!



So, you want to dig a little deeper?

You've come to the right place.

Here's where we list various articles and documents discussing the issues involved in cyberspace and its development. Don't read 'em all at once! Just print 'em out and read 'em at your leisure - say, while you're on the bog. Then they can serve a dual purpose. Hehe.

Let's categorise the issues then:

  • Definitions (What the flip are we on about?)
  • Technical Articles regarding cyberspace - its infrastructure and design of virtual worlds
  • Writings on implications of cyberspace (social, physical, mental, philosophical)
  • Open Source and the globally collaborative work ethic (yes, it's pertinent)
  • Development methodologies
  • Business Models (Yeah, that money thing...)
  • Feature Articles (when we get 'em!)