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Cyberspace Engineers

Engineering Cyberspace!



The thing that will get the ball rolling is the infrastructure design side of things. Once I figure out the primary and essential components and the interfaces between them, well, then we can really get started. Until then, there's not much to do. I'm certainly not going to start asking for involvement from anyone (I haven't yet) until I've got some idea as to what tasks need doing and can be set out.

Cyberspace Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Design & Architecture
  • Component Design
  • Modular System Specification

Cyberspace Implementation

The Cyberspace Engine - An Open Source software project that observes the above cyberspace infrastructure.

Cyberspace Construction

Rules based Scenery Construction - automatic construction of the vast swathes of scenery necessary for scalable virtual worlds.

Cyberspace Monasteries

Communal residences for cyberspace engineers - sounds a bit bohemian, but it might just come off.